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Exchange Coins for Power-ups and transform Tetrimino blockades into amazing rewards. Challenge yourself and other players when you go head-to-head with the competition.

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Tetris For iPad Review (Retina Update)

Play the traditional Marathon Mode, blast through the puzzles in Galaxy Mode and outlast competition in Explorers Mode. As always, thanks for playing. I play this game everyday. I get bored throughout the day and when I feel like passing time to wait for something to happen, Tetris is the best solution to my problem.

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I love how I can play it anywhere without having to worry about wifi. I only play classic Tetris though so I don't need to worry about my connection to Facebook or anything like that. My one and only complaint is the ads. Before the ads were reALLY bad though, as they've fixed some of the issue.

The buggy ads weren't that much of a block for me to get into a classic game of Tetris, but I would prefer if the ads weren't so annoying. I kind of like the buggy ads because I can skip them easily, but the kind of advertisements they provide are just really stupid. Another thing that's bothersome is the currency and how long it takes you to collect it.

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It took me so long to get to 54, T-coins and that's that I've been playing for more than 2 years. I've only spent 1, on music and that's it. The patients to build up on T-coins wasn't that bad but I would hate to start over and regain aLL 50, Basically, this game good by just being a nice classic Tetris game.

The ads plague the game, however it's really not that bad and paying 1.

Overall, I just really love Tetris and I hate for people to get the wrong idea about past ad bugs and how annoying they are and completely missing the point of the god their game, Tetris. The sounds when the tetraminos land could sound and feel more satisfying, like in gameboy Tetris and Tetris ds. There is a fee that supposedly stops ads from popping up, yet, after you lose a game in marathon Tetris, the game offers you the chance to continue where you left off if you watch an ad, which seems to defeat the our purpose and makes the game feel to friendly towards the player.

My biggest gripe is the store though: It also deducts about coins from me even though it says my profile has been revised. That theme is literally the only theme I want from theier limited store, since every other song there is mediocre or bad. Definitely could be a better Tetris. The galaxy mode is cool because it plays between Level 1 and builds up to whatever level you can get to, switching back and forth constantly.

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Best iOS Puzzle and Word Games

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