Iphone prompting for apple id password

How to Fix: iPhone/iPad Keeps Asking for Password Error with Ease

garpirosge.tk Hassle to keep up with it. Should be simple. This was not Steve Jobs vision! Going to move over to android. Buh-bye Apple. Agreed, this sets a terrible precedent: Makes Apple users an easy target for phishing and hacking, since Apple is training people to mindlessly enter their passwords over and over and over and over and over for no reason at all! Awful idea, terrible security practice. Not hard. I have also experienced and continue to have this problem. It is not only frustrating but my biggest source of annoyance.

The Bottom Line

I believed in the product and spent a lot to get it. You Apple think all you have to do is to release your next product and watch your loyal customer line up around the block to get it. One would think Apple would learn something from former smart phone market leader Blackberry who ignored customer complaint and ended up below the floor-mat.

There are frequent software update promoting user experience basically to collect information on customers , games and yes, that constant pressure to buy more iCloud storage. Take a good look at customer concerns and try to address them before the realize that you are not the only game in town. The above fix is only a temporary work-around.

I do the suggested steps several times a day and the problem keeps reappearing. Any other suggestions? Shut down all devices. Restart all devices. Sign back into the iCloud on all devices. Shut off all Apple devices. Restart them all. Reset to factory defaults. Sell all Apple devices on Craigslist and buy Android stuff.

Not everyone is rich like our Little Johnny here to waste money and time on cheap and flaky Android stuff full of malware apps. If you want to use iCloud features, you have to login to an iCloud account. It is that simple. And I am surprised he can afford to have Internet access.

About Touch ID and Face ID password preferences

Only jobless and poor buy Android stuff. Only stupid people buy Apple stuff and look down on people. See what I did? Generalizations are bad mmkay. And this is why I will not return here! And everyone asks whats wrong with America? Please read above and below….. I see this as Apples 10 count of slow erosion. They were nothing without him before, and they will be nothing without him now.

Cash in your chips now. Apples hay day is over. Ty Head Geek Geeks Anywhere http: Steve Jobs did run a more sustainable ship that is for sure, their computers are rock solid still as far as hardware goes! Now their software is becoming more like Windows bloatware that makes you susceptible to hacking etc.

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LOL ;. Dealing with this garbage right now. Apple you make crap software get with it.

Manage your iTunes Store and App Store password preferences

Typing an AppleID password endlessly is enough to drive one to madness. Watches, cars, and other things are the bright and shiny things. Good lord. Crashes every 30 minutes, weak battery, etc, etc. Apple Car: We are trained by the SW companies to accept this crap. Just imagine you are driving happily with your car on the highway and then it asks you to get out, and unlock the door to continue driving. If we allow the same SW companies to install SW in our cars, we will end up with the same crap.

And cars is just one example. The posted solution includes using iCloud. It does not help at all if you choose not to use iCloud. Apple asks constantly to create an account and sign in…. Using iCloud will auto fill in your passwords and usernames for any account you need. But you have to use iCloud for it to work.

But there are many that just love griping rather than learning how to use a device, who are better off simply watching the Tube: You do realize that is the BEST way for hackers to get it over on you. Your giving up safety for convenience. Now that is as stupid as giving up freedom for security.

Fix Constant Apple ID Verification Password Pop-Ups on iPhone & iPad

You never autosave to autofill all passwords on a browser or anywhere. You are so clever, keep to the tube. There is field for entering it and everything. It allows me skip it by selecting a delay: How do I get rid of this one? Everytime I get this alert, and ignore it. So stop ignoring it, and start fixing it. This is the fix. You can fix it, or you can complain about it. Your choice. I know what I do.

Apple can only impose their will if YOU choose to use an Apple device. An alternative idea is to remove your Apple ID authorization from the Keychain. That worked for me.

How to Fix: iPhone/iPad Keeps Asking for Apple ID Password

I just got an iphone 7 and used my icloud backup from my old iphone to get all the data onto the 7. You can fix it, or you can complain about it. December 6, at 6: There is field for entering it and everything. Now, you have to select email authentication or answer Security Questions.

After a month and a half, it just went away. I had this problem escalated to the SW engineers at Apple and they were at a loss on how to fix this problem. We tried the fix described here with no luck. One day everything just went back to working as it should…. Its weird, I never had this problem.

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Well I guess I experienced it once but after I entered the password for verification that pop-up never coming back. It should solved the problem.

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Apr 21, Does your iPhone keep asking for your Apple ID and iCloud password? Don't worry: we've got 5 fixes for this bug. Nov 23, Your iPhone keeps prompting you to enter your Apple ID and you're not sure why . No matter how many times you type it in, your iPhone still.

So the answer is to give them what they want? Any solution for me? Had my online ID stolen and on-going i-attacks. With this buggy software, difficult to figure out whether the hackers or Apple are my Nemesis. Those pop ups, malware or Apple? Even makes me wonder whether the software is mimicking the DOS attacks and filling my logs with security alerts.

Impossible, I think? So what do tell your insurer, law enforcement, etc.? I spent a long time with 4 different apple techs on this issue. It turns out I have purchases on my phone music from an old apple ID from over 8 years ago. The new phone won't download the music without the old apple ID password, but will keep trying and generating the annoying pop up window. I thought if I deleted my old apple ID it would solve it, wrong! I am reinstalling the old ID to save the music, but is not easy to do that. I got it to stop by stopping the i-cloud back-up and signing out and signing back in.

But I still need to find out which music is from the old ID, hoping to hear back from them soon.

Hope this helps. Jul 18, 5: Purchase History Review. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. If you have Touch ID turned on for purchases, you won't see this menu. Then click OK. Click OK again to save your preferences. Select Require Password. Select your preferred level of protection. After you select your preferred level of protection, select Require Password under Free Downloads to turn the setting on or off. If you set Require Password to Never in step 3, there won't be an option to turn the setting on.

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Sign in with your Apple ID and password. After you click Submit, you'll see a screen that says "Remember Password? Choose No if you want to enter your password each time that you make a purchase in the iTunes Store. To change your password settings, sign out, then follow the steps above to sign in again. Published Date: Tue Nov 27