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source link Write your own comment here in english please This zone is only to post comment, not to ask for CD downloading, copying or trading! Each comment can be possibly edited or deleted to ensure it is suitable for public presentation. Your name: Please enter number: Anyone know what the story behind the Nokia trailer music is? Did Hans or at least someone on Hans' team write it? It starts out with the Bane theme, like "Gotham's Reckoning," then almost sounds like the Bane theme got mixed with Time from Inception.

Hans said he and co. The reprise of "Batman on Fire" from Begins 1: I wonder why Hans decided to reuse that particular idea. It's truly amazing and I can't seem to find a version in the right key anywhere. Definitely not a problem though, I like the variety. So I don't know why I wasted time doing this, but I was surprised to realize that the main two-note Batman theme is used a lot more in this score than it is in The Dark Knight. It feels like it's used less often because it isn't used very much along with the string ostinato, which is what helped it become noticeable BB and TDK, but it actually pops up very frequently.

And yeah I got some: Who exactly composed the songs, I ask about these partners Hans? Hybrid Soldier do you know which tracks use James Newton Howard's music from the previous two? I would love to know!

Can't tell since there isn't any composer info: Have any more credits shown up for this besides the ones Hybrid posted a few years ago? Forgive a slight dose of fanboy-ism, but I had "Moody Bruce New Hero" Suite on earlier and boy has this got some of the best notes written for Batman. IMHO at least. That this particular suite missed its well-deserved place in just about every commercial album made for this "Rises" is beyond me.

One part that almost universally blows me away in this cue is the bit starting around 8: Dramatic and heroic.

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Every time these two keywords come into the spotlight and become the center of attention, Hans' style of composition truly shines. Hybrid Soldier, would you have the complete credits for this one? Even partial credits like you did on POTC 3 would be awesome! Am I the only one that gets ticked off every time I have to listen to the Origins Suites in the crappy radio quality that we got them in from the Z app?

I just hate that these masterpieces were released in terrible quality! Does anyone know if they're out there in better quality? Maybe I missed, but have these ever been released in better quality? But how can I download it?! Thank you so much! I'm so thankful I was able to get my hands on this version of the soundtrack.

Thel retail OST left out so much good material even with the bonus tracks. I'm only gripe is all the filler tracks on the last disk. I would recommend buying the retail version as well though. Some of the tracks on the original soundtrack are much better, such as "No Stone Unturned", its far superior version of "A Hero Can Be Anyone" since it leaves out all the temp music from TDK and features a cool version of Batman's theme that first popped up in the track "Training" in Begins.

Does anyone know why Hans sort of phased out Batman's main theme from "Molossus"?

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Hey Hybrid, Do you know if the film version of "Imagine The Fire" was an edit of existing tracks or a complete re-recording? It's a cool mix between some Dark Knight cues and the album version of Imagine the Fire.

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Hybrid, unless you know something we don't, which is quite possible, the TDKR booklet lists JunkieXL with "additional music" and not simply additional arrangements All the other crediting is as given here. Is the Cat Suite time above incorrect? I have only seen two variations of the suite same with different names Cat Suite and Selina Kyle Suite and they are the same roughly 5: It looks like the tens place may be an error.

Hi, I am not here to ask about CD downloading, copying or trading. But I am very interested in somehow purchasing this "Dark Knight Rises complete score ".

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Why is there no FLAC version yet? Now that I've finally heard the Transfiguration Suite Second, although it is essentially the New Hero Suite in Chasing the Convoy's tempo, who arranged it that way? Someone else? I wonder And then Nolan went in and turned the movie into the frenetic, constantly cutting-back-and-forth final product?

While the album is fine, I personally don't understand why we couldn't have just gotten the film cues. They might have had to stitch several together for each track, but it could have worked. The rest is chronological. The music in context has a constant pulse going, especially in the way cues segue into each other and change tempo. Plus, the album is more or less chronological anyway, given the areas where they are the same. Music Composed and Mixed by: Opening Pt. The Beach Pt. The Air - HZ 6. Approaching Trawler - HZ 8. One Bandit Down - HZ Meeting Rear Admiral - HZ Shivering Soldier - HZ Fortis Leader Down - HZ U-Boat - HZ Torpedo - HZ, Satnam Ramgotra Collins Water Landing - HZ Torpedo Aftermath - HZ Wait for Another Lifeboat - HZ Turn it Around!

George Falls - HZ Farrier Turns Back - HZ Waiting for the Tide - HZ Smoke From the Spitfire - HZ Collins Crash Landing - HZ Target Practice - HZ Sauerkraut Sauce - HZ Collins Underwater HZ Plug the Hole - HZ Nimrod - HZ, BW Rail Yard - HZ Variation 15 - HZ, BW End Credits Long Note Harmonics v. End Credits Air - HZ v.

End Credits Tommy v8.

Anyone know where those go? This is what I was able to gather from watching the movie: As much as I love Mortal Engines even I have to admit that recording was kind of awful, particularly with the studio noise filtering through. Where I will praise Tom the most is the recording. Everything sounds crisp and clear, as opposed to his usual overmixed style.

And one other plus, the woodwinds! The biggest issue for me is the lack of a strong set of themes. Mortal Engines has about 7 primary themes, all of which are really strong. From filmmusicreporter. The show is presented and executive produced by Sir David Attenborough and will reveal how each distinct continent has shaped the unique animal life found there.

Can anyone recall any scores for directors cut being released? Rate those CD: Top Fans rating: Jasha Klebe. Steve Mazzaro. Mel Wesson. Andrew Zack. Steven Kofsky. Gavin Greenaway. Bruce Fowler. Suzette Moriarty. Elizabeth Finch. Walt Fowler. Kevin Kaska. Rick Giovinazzo. Ed Neumeister. Carl Rydlund.

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Alan Meyerson. Daniel Kresco. Stephen Lipson. Howard Scarr.

Chuck Choi. Thomas Farnon. Martin Tillman. Satnam Ramgotra. Ann Marie Simpson. Frank Ricotti. Gary Kettel. Mary Scully. Mark Wherry. Satoshi Noguchi. Lori Castro. Christian Wenger. Max Aruj. Czarina Russell.

Lorne arranged a few things, the known one is "Backup", and Mel for the more "ambient" cues Stephen Lipson. I would love to know! Guess would be Hans' arrangement and then they temped that in and built the Chasing the Convoy cue from that. Write your own comment here in english please This zone is only to post comment, not to ask for CD downloading, copying or trading!

Logo 1: Create Topic. Luke Abraham. Mike OTM. First, wow that's awesome that they're used the exact same amount of times in BB and TDKR, but second of all, yeah I never picked that up either until I saw a behind the scenes video of Hans showing Nolan "Blake Visits Wayne Manor," where he said how the theme is more delicate and higher pitched because he's wounded, and the theme needs to rebuild itself just like Wayne does.

The Dark Knight Rises Animated Theme for Nokia X2, C2-01 & 240×320

It's not until Bruce escapes the prison do we get a big, epic statement of the two-note theme, and not until he returns do we get the grandest statement of it. Looking through this score again, it's probably the best in terms of the way it tells the story with the music, but I still think Batman Begins is a more emotional, and depthful score, especially with James Newton Howard's influence. This score has a lot of new ideas that help tie things off and the progression from beginning to end is clear. You can tell that just by listening through the score.

My favorite of these scores has always been Batman Begins I love the dark and ambient nature of the whole thing , but my favorite when taken together with the film is The Dark Knight. Something about TDK just managed to be very "polished," and the score is no exception. His decreased presence was already noticeable in TDK. I wish he had come back for this one, but hey. We can't fix that now. Hans and co.

The two Moody Bruce suites and the Bane suite are really fantastic, but I don't think the in-film score is as impressive as Hans' initial suite ideas. Max Potcats. More or less a sum of the score: Max Podcasts: I am curious in similar ones for other movies. James now Callahan. None of the themes that he obviously worked on are in here. Howard did a lot less of the emotional tracks than you might think. It was the first touchscreen phone Nokia put on the market, complete with stylus and three home buttons.

Then, in June of the same year, Nokia realized the potential of putting actual Batman imagery and design language on the phone itself, and came out with the Nokia Dark Knight edition. It was a basic flip phone, with a flash-enabled camera and tons of pre-loaded Batman content like ringtones and wallpapers. It had a Batman home screen background, along with a Batman icon along the back of the solid black rather sleek flip phone. Verizon sold the device, along with a white version for non-Batman fans.

About a year later, Shenzhen picked up on the trend. This phone hit the web in June of , and seemed to be the lovechild of a Spider-Man fan and a Batman fan. It came in both black versions, and white with red and blue trim. Along the back there is a large Batman symbol, which is a part of the loudspeaker, and the small speaker on the front is also emblazoned with a Batman icon.

The phone also happens to light up in blue and red.