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Nokia Lumia - Official Ringtone (Dubstep)

Retrieved 13 April Lumia Conversations. Microsoft Mobile. Archived from the original on 13 April Lukion Musa 1 in Finnish. Retrieved 19 May Archived from the original on 3 May Official Charts Company. Melody Maker: The 4 ways sound affects us". July Archived from the original on 14 July Retrieved 10 April CS1 maint: The Daily Telegraph. Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 2 July Technophone Trapster Trolltech Twango Withings. Live 1. Gupte Bengt R. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: CS1 Finnish-language sources fi CS1 maint: Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. You're a bit wrong here, it's Google who announced that are going to buy Motorola Mobility. Not Nokia. Before Motorola Mobility ever existed, Nokia bought a part of Motorola. Source 1 Source 2. Dubstep has reached a ubiquitousness that's just embarrassing it's not even that it's everywhere, it's that its BAD and everywhere. He didn't say it had only been around for two years. He said it had become really popular is the last two years. Actually dubstep's "jump the shark" moment is pretty much agreed to be when Rusko played Cockney Thug.

Just as a reminder, you hear about the first 5 or so seconds of a ringtone before a person answers it. Now listen to that again and tell me you like it without lying. I think it's poor as a ringtone. As a snippet of a mid-range dubstep track I think it's well made and quite decent. It's certainly no Dabrye. Best ringtone ever. Heres the link to download the. Not all, but quite a bit of it. And it's very effective based on how many times it gets posted here, and how many subscribers we've got. Dubstep is long dead mate, this is just the standard end of the line you see in the progression of all genres in electronic music over time.

Because Nokia used a dubstep ringtone? Oh that's right I forgot everyone in this sub is a hipster, and if it gets popular, they don't like it anymore. I love that more people like dubstep than a few years ago, I just wish people were actually talking about dubstep, rather than electro house. The reason for that is, I enjoy dubstep whereas I don't like electro house. So sometimes being subscribed to this subreddit is like signing up to play football but instead get signed up to half football half basketball.

Sure they both involve balls but they are fundamentally different. Haha, I know, I was doing something called ball busting But I digest. If more people associate dubstep with this new sound than original dubstep, doesn't the dubstep genre actually transform into this new sound? I mean, their's no commission saying this is dubstep, and this is the rules of it, it's all just a general consensus, but what if that consensus changes which it looks like it's starting too? Haha, I figured more people would get that it's a joke.

The thing with genres is they don't have a hard fast definition but they do have cohesive elements. That's actually not how language works. Hence why Dinner is in some cultures the 2nd meal of the day, and in other cultures the third. Words become associated with objects or ideas because people use them. If everyone calls this sound 'Dubstep', that's what dubstep is. You may object that it is misleading I don't think it is in this case - there are certainly dubstep influences , which is a great justification behind suggesting people don't call it dubstep, but you can't say that they are "wrong".

If you're advocating that we call this new shit dubstep then you can just shut the fuck up and go back to watching your MTV. Dubstep is dubstep, brostep is brostep. Sorry to break it to you. I was going to respond to this, but then I realized you neglected to read my first comment, so I doubt you'd read this one either.

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Cool story brah, how was the Datsik concert last night? Did Borgore show up brah? What about Bassnectar, he's such a brah, brah.

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If more people associate dubstep with this new sound than original dubstep, doesn't the dubstep genre actually transform into this new sound. It's a common joke, and you want me to die?

Nokia tune dubstep 2017 Ringtone

Just because I share a different opinion than yours? Nah they will be fine. MS doesn't quit they didn't make any money on the first xbox , and once Windows8 comes out and people like that interface, I think seeing phones with that awesome UI will raise a lot of awareness. The phones are great - just not talked about much yet or marketed well. I miss my old nokias. They had the best call quality and reception of all the phones i've ever had. I really want to see a modern nokia with android on it.

As a WP7 phone owner, I really hope this happens. I love it and would be really sad if they tanked on this. They're coming out with trying everything the competition is doing to make the focus groups and investors happy phones. At one point they even thought having a mascot was the secret to success lol I've got my popcorn ready. Actually, I don't love it OR hate it But out of the other ringtone options, I'm sure that's probably the one I'd most likely choose. The simple fact of the matter is you can not use dubstep as a ring tone effectively That said though, i did use this track as my ring tone for a short while for shits n giggles.

I like it. I'd never use it as my ringtone and I think it's dumb to make it the default, but I think it's fun. It's like a given. Hence, this is terrible. Am i actually getting down voted by people who enjoy the "house" ringtones on phones? That's hilarious.

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I think it's more likely that you are getting downvoted for making sweeping generalizations about people and sounding like a pompous douche. I'm just saying i've never heard a "song" ringtone i've enjoyed. They all sound like shit in my opinion. None of them even come close to the genre they're supposed to portray, and you're better off getting one that sounds like, let's say, a phone.

You might be interested in those ringtones:

Or just put that shit on vibrate and try not to lose it. I'm throwing my highly efficient iphone 4 in the garbage for a phone I did't even know still exists.

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Actually, I don't love it OR hate it Music by epidemicsound. That's actually not how language works. To a group that likes that sound - this will be entertaining. Some Thing Oil, gold and fire are the treasures inside the proud giant mountains. That's true. Read next:

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[BASS] Nokia Ringtone (Trap Remix by boneCreed 2017) #BacardiHouseParty [free download]

Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. I've been bamboozled! I love you Resykle. But the live version sucked I, for one, like both styles. Ok so describe what you'd like in a ringtone? Something cool. Something hip and fresh! All of them. You have got to be kidding me.