Top free mind mapping apps In fact, all you have to do is select a node and press Research in the contextual menu and the in-app browser will open and do an internet search for the term from the node. Like MindNode, iThoughts also supports a ton of keyboard shortcuts. Another power user feature is x-callback URL support. It is also extremely customizable, letting you tweak just about everything in the application like colors, fonts, text size, etc.

Once you get everything just the way you like it, you can share your custom styles through email with colleagues or friends. The iOS version integrates with the native Share sheet, there are Topic count tooltips that allow you to quickly count up the number of descendent topics, and even a new Windows version. But one of the most notable additions is the not a feature in the application itself, but the inclusion of iThoughts as part of the SetApp service. MindManager has been around for a long time and has long been considered the go-to power user app.

The Mac version also lags in development, which is reflected in the price being almost half of MindManager the current version as of this writing.

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If you really want to make your mind maps do some crazy stuff like have multiple links in a topic, link in a database, etc. XMind is available in two versions:. XMind is available through SetApp, however. So if you already have a SetApp subscription, you may as well give XMind a shot and see how it compares to iThoughts. MindMeister is a web-based mind mapping app that aims to alleviate the difficulty of collaborative mind mapping. It also has some cool integrations, like a Google Docs add-on and even an integration to [turn your mind maps into agile projects] http: MindMeister offers several different plans, including a free basic plan with support for up to 3 mind maps at no cost.

If you find yourself needing to collaborate with others on a mind map, definitely check out MindMeister. Scapple is interesting because it has a little bit of a different take on mind mapping. Instead of starting in the middle with a central topic, Scapple allows you to put nodes anywhere on the page without making connections so you can just get everything on the page and then figure out how it all ties together later. In Scapple, you double-click to add a free standing node and then drag it on to another node to make a connection. In fact, all you have to do is drag your Scapple file into Scrivener and it will organize everything for you.

The price point is also very fair. For power users who really like to make their software dance, iThoughts is the logical step up. It offers some really cool features like editing in Markdown and x-callback URL support. And, if you need to collaborate with others, MindMeister is a great albeit limited web-based option. What is a Mind Map, Anyway? We really like this definition of a mind map by David Sparks aka MacSparky: In our opinion, Brett Terpstra encapsulates this concept perfectly: With a mind map, scattered thoughts begin to solidify before my eyes.

Here are just a couple of practical uses of mind maps: Note Taking: Mind maps offer a non-traditional and non-linear way to take notes in meetings or lectures, allowing you to make connections between separate thoughts and concepts more easily especially if you use a digital tool that allows you to rearrange them.

One of the most popular applications of mind mapping is for brainstorming because it makes it easier to see the big picture. Mind maps are great for content creation like when writing this article. We started with the topics and points of interest and fleshed out all the details, which made the process of writing the article much easier. Creating a mind map can help you overcome the fear of sitting down to an empty page as it provides direction and structure for knowing exactly what to write. Problem Solving: Mind maps can be a great way to solve problems because they allow you to analyze different parts of a complex problem to highlight new and creative solutions.

As you write down different aspects of the problem and expand details where necessary, the answer often becomes clear. Book Summaries: One of the best ways to retain what you learn when reading a book is to write down the basic book structure in the form of a mind map.

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This also provides an easy way for you to review the information at a later date. Being able to visually see how your tasks are related might help you see your to-do list in a new light and help you get more done. Goal Setting: Setting goals is very powerful as it creates a plan and a vision for your week, month, year, etc.

There are many books that talk about the importance of setting goals and making sure that you look at them regularly. Why not put those in a mind map that makes it easy see how everything ties and works together? Available now: The Criteria In order to pick our favorite mind mapping app, the following criteria was used: Since mind mapping is a visual activity, the app has to look nice.

Ease of Use: Nothing disrupts the flow of creative juices quicker than having to consult a technical manual. The best mind mapping app is one that allows you to focus on the exercise of creating your mind map as the application fades into the background. It should be simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. A good mind mapping app should allow you to start building your mind map on your Mac and pick up on your iOS device or vice versa. Data Portability: Mind mapping is usually where ideas start, but seldom where they end. Our Favorite Mind Mapping App: A pop-up window will appear where you can paste your URL: You can also share mind maps in a variety of places through the Share extension.

This is probably the most important one, as it allows you to take an outline from a standard outlining application like OmniOutliner and import it as a mind map. OPML is a fairly standard format, so support for this file type is essential. FreeMind is a free mind mapping application built on the Java framework for both Mac and Windows that has been around for awhile, and MindNode can both import and export FreeMind files if you need to work with someone else who uses this format. The format supported by most spreadsheet applications, and MindNode allows you to both import from and export to CSV files.

Plain Text: You can import your mind maps from this popular mind mapping application. This one is a prime example.

17 of The Best Mind Mapping Tools (Online, MacOS and Windows)

It might look crowded to amateur eyes but the creator has truly mastered the technique and, if you take the time to study it, you will really begin to understand their thought process. As you can see the limit of this technique is your imagination. You can create overly complex and crowded mind maps of your own but remember the time and tested principle of Keep it simple stupid ". The following are a selection of great free online mind mapping tools. These are far from exhaustive and are in no particular order. Since we mentioned Coggle earlier in the article it would be remiss of us to omit this great tool.

It comes in various forms from "Free" to "Awesome" to "Organization".

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The free version is a great way to 'try before you buy' and it comes with a lot of cool functions and options to make your mind map very colorful. It is definitely worth a try. Freemind , as the name suggests, is a free online mind mapping tool. It is also very handy for generating mind maps when you are offline. It comes with the benefit of being open sourced but has less of the 'bells and whistles' of other apps detailed in this article.

It's not the easiest to get used to, especially if you are a beginner but it gets the job done. Think of it as a 'no frills' mind mapping option. It's definitely worth looking at if nothing else. Mindmup offers a good looking and intuitive mind mapping service for free. You can, of course, take up their offer for their premium options of "Personal Gold" and "Organisational" if you wish but this depends on your needs. The free service lets you save maps up to kb in size and lets you save them to your Google drive too.

Any maps created are only stored for up to six months though so bear that in mind. The following are a selection of great paid-for online mind mapping tools. As mind mapping is a rather personal process which app is 'best' is a matter of personal taste. It offers free and paid for versions of its software but bear in mind the free version only allows you to build 3 maps and limits the tools it offers.

IdeaFiip is an online-based mind mapping service that is specifically targeted for use by groups. This doesn't mean you can't use it alone though. Because its based on the web it can be accessed and used from any desktop or tablet device. Lucidchart , unlike others on the list, is strictly speaking a mind mapping app.

Order your thoughts and put your plans into action with these mind map tools

FreeMind is a no-fuss mind mapping software that can be used for a See a detailed Freshmind overview in our review of the app. Review of Free and Top Mind Mapping Software. work, export in several image formats and pdf (the latter is usually available only in commercial apps), map.

It is, instead, an online diagramming application that can be used for many different tasks including, of course, mind mapping. It is very flexible and can be used to diagram out other things like process flows. Lucidchart is used by the likes of Netflix, Spotify, and Ford. The following are a selection of great paid-for mind mapping tools for use on MacOS.

SimpleMind Lite us a free mind mapping tool for MacOS but is limited, as you'd expect, compared to its premium version.

Mindmap with MindMup - Free and Easy Mindmapping

It is a very simple 'piece of kit' and it pretty intuitive to use. Like other mind mapping apps, you get to choose your theme color etc and can simply add nodes to your growing map with the click of a button. Text can be quickly added too by clicking the T icon and double-clicking where you want to put it. It also comes with Undo and redo buttons, zoom functions and easy deletion and clipboard options.

Zen is another free mind mapping app for MacOS. Unlike others on the list, it also offers you some templates to get the ball rolling. Adding nodes is very easy and you can easily move them around the virtual page.

Mind Map: The best apps for mind mapping — The Sweet Setup

It's not as fancy as other apps but is completely freeform. Adding subtopic nodes is easy and you can type text by double-clicking on shapes. It is leagues ahead of its competitors. It tends to get roaring reviews. MindNode does everything its competitor can do but for less money.

What is a Mind Map, Anyway?

It has a pleasant and intuitive user interface and also acts as a mind mapping tutorial for beginners. Mindomo does everything that a mind mapping software should do, but with a twist. Despite this, its pricing strategy is a little annoying. It does, however, offer a free version but that is heavily limited, as you'd expect. The following are a selection of great free mind mapping tools for use on Windows. Never underestimate the power of MS paint.

What are the disadvantages of mind mapping?

Although MS paint is not, strictly speaking, a mind mapping app it is highly versatile. Whether you agree or not it is free and usually comes pre-installed on all window machines. This open source mind mapping app for Windows and other platforms is not the easiest to get to grips with but it is free. The following are a selection of great paid-for mind mapping tools for use on Windows. XMind is a great mind mapping applications and is not only available on MacOS.