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‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review – I Say Thee Nay

Games genres: This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason. Your mission is to join forces with Asgard's top warriors in order to defeat the evil Malekitch's enemy forces.

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The Dark World, set across a variety of different worlds. The idea of the game is to maraud your way through all the worlds, killing all the bad guys with the help of seven different types of Asgardian warriers, which you can summon along the way.

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In order to conquer your ever more fierce enemies you'll need to upgrade yourself and your warrior allies along the way, improving strengths, magic and weaponry. This is done through achievements in the game, or by in-app purchases.

You'll also need to buy or win 'Uru' which is used to summon the right allies so you can keep playing. The other currencies in Thor: These can often be achieved through playing, so you can go back and replay levels to build up your strengths again, those this 'grinding' quickly becomes boring because of the repetitive nature of the gameplay. The power of touch.

The Dark World abandons traditional joystick movement in favor of a touch-to-move control system, such as that employed by Diablo , for example. You simply need to tap the screen where you want Thor to move, and he will head in that direction. Attacks in Thor: The Dark World are predominantly performed using touch gestures. For example, you just tap on an enemy to carry out a regular attack, swipe two fingers on the screen to fire at bad guys and breakable objects, or draw a lightning bolt to perform a lightning attack. You can summon Asgardian allies and perform special attacks via on-screen action buttons.

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The lavish 3D graphics and fantastic backgrounds give it a real Hollywood feel. The Dark World is suitably rousing, and the voice acting in the game is pretty good.

The verdict. The Dark World brings very little originality to the crowded market of top-down adventure games.

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Thor: The Dark World for iPhone, free and safe download. Thor: The Dark World latest version: Play the part of Thor in an epic adventure. Thor: The Dark World. The Thor:The Dark World mobile offering is available as a free-of-charge download from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, and is.

Fans of Thor will like the fluid way you can fight alongside other characters, but others will become frustrated by the repetitive gameplay and the trappings of the 'free-to-play' format. What do you think about Thor: The Dark World? Do you recommend it? The Dark World turned out more enjoyable than my last few ventures into Gameloftland and happily takes a place on my phone as a heavy-rotation game.

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Thor: The Dark World

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