Download puffin browser for android mobile The most secure way to browse the Internet is to have two physically separate computers.

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One computer is used for work and other important tasks in an isolated network, and the other computer is used for web browsing. If anything happens to the second computer, the first one will still remain safe. Based on this concept, CloudMosa now offers you a second computer in our cloud. Puffin Browser is the most complete and fastest mobile browser and it serves no ads. Download now and you will have unlimited Flash access time and download-to-cloud feature up to 1GB per file. I started using Puffin because I wanted to access Flash games on my iPad.

I'm no Flash fan by any means and I look forward to it becoming unnecessary but for now there are still a few things that just can't be done without it, many games being the one for me. When I started using it I had no idea just how fast it actually was. But I began noticing how impatient I had become trying to do anything with any other browser. I usually used Chrome, Firefox or Opera and Safari when needed and saw that I was beginning to click several times on the same link or button to try to get something to happen.

Eventually I found myself cursing out loud at my iPad every time I had to use any browser besides Puffin. Now Puffin is my go to and I rarely use the others. I still use them when I need particular features but find myself doing so less and less and expect that eventually I'll rarely use anything but Puffin on my iPad. I only wish it was available on my iMac.

Maybe it's not the perfect browser for everyone and if so I suggest you not use it for too long or you may find it impossible to go back to what you had been using before. Although puffin is the best browser i have seen for flash games on the ipad it is definitely buggy this past month or so. There must have been an update and since the i have had all sorts of problems with it. First of all some new pop up when you try to play yoworld on facebook, it says true, under that leave and under that stay on this page.

It's incredibly annoying to have to click on that every single time i try to do anything on the game. Worse yet it started freezing constantly whch means constantly refreshing and having to click on that pop up again and again.

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I keep getting nothing but a white screen, the log off button won't fully open without refreshing several times. I've deleted the browser and reloaded it a few times to no avail. Up to weeks ago I'd have given it 5 stars but not until they fix this bug. I don't play any other facebook games so don't know if there are problems with other games. These issues seem to be unique to facebook.

However like i said so far i haven't been able to find another browser that really works for flash games on the ipad.

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Every time I use the adobe flash feature on Puffin Browser, I always know that it's going to either crash or freeze when I first start using it. When I reload the page it's fine it starts working properly but literally EVERYTIME I use it, it's going to seem fine, but about 10 minutes in and it will crash and I'll have to reload the page for it to start working properly without crashing.

Normally this wouldn't be problem, but when I'm playing a online MMO flash game and it crashes before I save my progress, it really makes me rage at my phone. Normally I'd just forget this app and download another app with the adobe flash feature on it, but there isn't one to my knowledge.

So I'm stuck with browser, where when I do something that involves adobe flash and cause it to lag and then freeze up. It's a real pain to deal with because I use this app to play flash games on a cool website, but I always expect it to crash, because it does. Oh btw It's a good browser when your not using the adobe flash feature on it, but I'd recommend Google Chrome if you want a really fast browser.

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad iMessage. Description Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast mobile browser. Tired of black or white backgrounds?

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Puffin Browser proudly presents "Special Holiday Themes". Try them out for a warm holiday feel! We wish you a wonderful holiday season.

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Happy Halloween! We'd like to gift you a set of cute Puffin iMessage stickers.

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Great new features also available in this update: Dear User, We heard you and we're taking Action! Thanks to all valuable feedback, we added more features and fixed several reported issues in this release 1 Support 3D touch home screen quick actions 2 Bug fixes and performance improvements. Many users told us that they love the new start page design, and they also want to have more options on it.

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We heard you and we're taking action! Users now can easily access their most visited sites, Bookmarks, History, Downloads, and Settings right from the start page. Furthermore, we added support for more gestures for video playback. Users can fast forward or backward with simple swipes. We hope you enjoy Olympics with Puffin in this summer, and we will continue to build awesome apps for you.

Thank you for all the valuable feedback.


Description Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast mobile browser. The right button is the keyboard button. Latest Stories. No more trial time limitation. How to digitally back up and restore your physical keys with the KeyHero app The app can help you if you ever lose your house key or mailbox key and need a replacement made.

We fixed several reported issues in this release. We will continue to build awesome apps for you.

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If you like our work, please give us a 5 star rating! We added more features and fixed several reported issues in this release. Dear users, we heard you and we're taking action! Please stay tuned; we will continue to build awesome apps for you.