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Menu navigasi The design of the Xperia T represents an evolution of the Xperia Ion , with a curved, matte anodized aluminum body, [6] side-mounted buttons, a recessed camera lens, and a circular contact point for near-field communications below the camera. The T features a 4. The Xperia T shipped with Android 4. An update to Android 4.


Xperia T2 Ultra []. Since the current ownership structure, Sony Mobile exclusively create Android -powered smartphones under the Xperia sub-brand name - it also currently or previously developed tablet computers Sony Tablet , smartwatches Sony SmartWatch and fitness trackers Sony SmartBand , alongside accessories and software for the devices. P P P P P1. Suka sesuatu yang lebih mengharukan? Retrieved July 22, See also:

The Xperia T received mixed but mostly positive reviews. Ars Technica praised the screen's "crisp" and legible appearance, but found that the Xperia T's performance was underwhelming in comparison to competitors such as the LG Optimus G and iPhone 5.

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While the camera software was panned for not containing as many additional features, the camera itself was described as having a "decent" quality and adequete low-light performance, but did not handle scenes with bright lights well. Although outperforming Sony's estimates for battery life in regards to video playback lasting for 6 hours and 15 minutes of video as opposed to estimates of 5 , the Xperia T's battery was also considered "insufficient", lasting eight to nine hours in regular use.

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In conclusion, Ars Technica felt that the Xperia T did not meet their expectations for a product associated with the James Bond franchise, arguing that "given how the phone is calibrated relative to other offerings, the Bond association is at best nonsensical, at worst an insult to the Bond-quality technology legacy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Android 4. Retrieved 22 December CBS Interactive.

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Retrieved 17 October Ars Technica. Retrieved 5 February Sony Xperia mobile phones. See also: List of Sony Xperia phones. Android smartphones.

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The Sony Xperia U ST25i codenamed Kumquat during its development, is an Android .. العربية · تۆرکجه · Español · Bahasa Indonesia · Italiano · Nederlands . Xperia is the brand name of smartphones and tablets from Sony Mobile. The name Xperia is Sony. Retrieved 24 Feb ^ "Sony Xperia U – Full phone specifications". GSMArena. Retrieved 24 Feb ^ "Sony Xperia Go". Sony Mobile. Sony Mobile.

It was revealed in late that Sony Ericsson was working on the ST25i, [1] and on 20 January a photo of a development model of the phone, codenamed Kumquat, was leaked. The handset was introduced in Barcelona on 28 February before the Mobile World Congress in the United Kingdom in March and was released worldwide on 15 May The capacitive touchscreen display measures 3. It supports multi-touch: The camera has 5 megapixels and is capable of recording video at p High Definition. Its front-facing camera is 0.

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An illumination bar at the bottom of the phone can change color to adapt to the color rendered in the screen while using the album and walkman apps; third-party apps can be downloaded to change the colour. The phone uses a removable "BA" Sony battery which has mAh. The Xperia U was released with Android 2. Users can choose to keep the Gingerbread operating system, or, using Sony PC Companion or Bridge for Mac , they could upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich; however, downgrading to Gingerbread is not officially supported.

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The only features not supported by most unofficial firmware releases are the FM Radio and Audio over Bluetooth. Installation of most updates requires an unlocked boot loader and a rooted phone. It has transparent strip with an illuminated light bar at the bottom, which illuminates when the user taps a button, or when viewing pictures or music by picking up the dominant colour in the picture.

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It has an exchangeable bottom cap below the illuminated strip. The illuminated strip is used on custom ROMs to show notifications since the notification LED of the phone is too dim to be really noticeable. Xperia U generally received a positive response from critics with some calling it as a budget version of Xperia P and Xperia S.

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It fits the budget and is cheerful, cute as a button and — provided you're not too demanding of it — fleet of foot. The Sony Xperia U has 8 gigabytes of internal storage. The phone supports MTP , but this can unofficially be changed on rooted phones so that the 4GB are accessible from the computer like an SD card.

USB mice and keyboards are also supported when connected with an adapter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Android 2. Xperia Blog. Retrieved 27 October